The benefits of customised work shirts for your brand

Whether it’s customised work shirts to wear on the job or custom workwear to sell or give away, there is no denying every business benefits from printed workwear. It’s a win-win situation for all. Brands can control their image and increase exposure. Employees don’t have to worry about what to wear at work, or buying work clothes. Customised work shirts can be playful, which can help with cultivating a certain mood in the workplace. Those who are given branded apparel have something fun to wear. Those who wear printed workwear are a walking endorsement. In this article, we are going to break down the benefits of customised work shirts and why it should be a consideration for any company, big or small.


A company t shirt is a great equaliser in workplaces. Everyone wearing them feels like they are part of a team, and customers who purchase them often feel even more connected to the business. If you’ve ever worked in an organisation with custom workwear, you will know that box fresh feeling when new staff shirts arrive. Everyone huddles in to see what the new designs and fits are like. Branded workwear also promotes a professional look. Customers benefit from employees wearing uniforms because they know who to ask when they need assistance. Whenever they have questions, all they have to do is look for someone in a company t shirt or uniform. It also keeps them from asking someone who isn’t an employee for help, a situation everyone wants to avoid.

Wearable Advertisements

Branded clothing is one of the go-to marketing tools because it’s highly effective and accessible. Giving out t-shirts, hats and jackets to customers, suppliers and employees is an easy way to expand the reach of your brand. Customised work shirts are an easy way to communicate information about your business to your customers. Say you have a retail product launch on the horizon, you can get custom made shirts which promote this type of event.

A 2011 study by Ashwini K. Poojary from the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University titled Are Uniforms an Effective Marketing Tool? revealed custom workwear was heavily favoured out of other traditional advertising measures in helping customers associate a brand with its product/service. Some statistics from the study are below:

  • 75.7% of respondents said uniforms are better than billboard advertising.
  • 74.4% of respondents said uniforms are better than radio advertising.
  • 73.5% of respondents said uniforms are better than TV advertising.
  • 71.5% of respondents said uniforms are better than newspaper advertising.
  • 56.1% of respondents said uniforms are better than Internet advertising.
  • 55% of respondents said uniforms are better than the Yellow Pages.

Not bad, eh? Walking, talking, working ads… from a marketing point of view, what more could you want?

Staff don’t have to buy their own threads

Everyone’s been there; running to K-Mart or any other retailer to pick up a bunch of stock colour t-shirts and dark shoes to wear to your first shift at your new weekend bar job (apologies if you never worked in hospo, please indulge us slightly). Six months into your new job you’re back at the same retailer repeating the same process… Not ideal, is it? It’s easily fixed by creating custom workwear. Employees feel satisfied and comfortable not having to worry if the clothes they bought are suitable for the job, plus the employer has peace of mind knowing all staff are wearing the same thing. 

Customised work shirts are sellable

Customised work shirts, whether it be t-shirts, or branded merchandise is a sellable asset. Service orientated businesses can easily create a product line for their business, and product focused businesses can easily add another type of product to the catalogue.

So, there we have it. Customised work shirts can do everything from creating unity amongst employees and patrons, to being effective wearable advertisements which give businesses impetus to promote whatever they choose, to helping staff out so they don’t have to fork out and buy their own work gear. And, let’s face it. There is nothing like a fresh delivery of customised gear! Get in touch with one of our team members if you’re chasing any type of customised work shirts or garment.