Get The Finest Volcano Hybrid Wasserfilter Today!

The Volcano Classic, arguably the most recognisable and well-known volcano hybrid wasserfilter ever, was introduced more than a decade ago. The Volcano Hybrid, a more recent take on the original design, has undergone various refinements, but it has the same formula for success. The most recent iteration, Volcano Hybrid, has seen some significant enhancements, but it still follows the same exacting formula.

Improved Features Given By Storz Bickel Include:

  • Bluetooth app connectivity.
  • A faster heat-up time.
  • The option to use it with only a whip.

See what we thought of the newest Volcano Hybrid with our full review! Like its siblings, the Volcano Hybrid is easy to use and friendly. Use one Volcano Hybrid Dampener or a dosing capsule to get a tiny dose of 0.1-0.15 grams of flower, or the standard chamber to get up to 1 gram of flower or more for the potent sessions. The water filter is also available inside it.

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Pick your desired temperature and wait for the Volcano Hybrid Filled Chambers to heat up. Compared to the previous generation, the new Hybrid warms up in about 20-40 seconds. Then, to begin drawing, connect your Volcano water filter or a balloon to the device and press the air button after it has warmed up. As a result, you’ll get one full and one half-filled balloon, or numerous full balloons, depending on the condition of the herb and the size of the chamber, as directed by Storz Bickel.

Using the Volcano Hybrid, you can work with temperatures ranging from 104 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 to 230 degrees Celsius. The water filter gets connected with it. The analog knobs just on the Classic Volcano vaporizer lack the accuracy of the digital version, which is why most users choose it over the hybrid Volcano. With the Volcano concentrating pad, you may use this with many kinds of herbs and wax concentrates. Only with an app or even on display, you may fine-tune this to your liking in 1-degree intervals.

Newer Volcano Products Are Now More Advanced

It’s hard to beat the amazing vapor quality of the Volcano Classic or Volcano Digit. Excellent flavor, dense clouds, excellent water filter, and thorough extraction. The newest Volcano Hybrid gives you more of this pure flavor with the direct-draw whip than the older Volcano, which was less tasty and more refined than Vaporizer within all-glass vapor paths or direct-draw systems. The revolutionary Volcano Hybrid stands out from the competition when it comes to flavor and vapor quality. The heating accessories, though comparable, have a minor difference in their design. For thicker, fuller extraction, and somewhat distinct flavor, a new stainless steel band has been added to the chamber region, which conducts heat. The water filter works well on this occasion.

Gold-plated chambers are highly conductive and produce some substantial vapor from Vaporizer; therefore, portable users who want the same degree of vaping experience and similar to it choose to prefer a water filter. Ultimately, the Volcano Hybrid comes close to being perfect. Thick, rich, and full of flavor. All of these witty descriptors combine to create an unforgettable experience. These accessories are just awesome.

Storz & Bickel: Get Budget Volcano Vaporizer

It’s well-known that Storz Bickel products are built to last. More than a decade ago, people who bought Volcano accessories were still getting excellent performance out of their old machines & water filter. Storz Bickel devices are produced to the highest standards in Germany, and their durability and dependability are as perfect as you’ll get. Those Germans, as well as their flawless engineering! ‘Nuff said. Storz Bickel Mighty Vaporizer is a tank in its own right; it has a powerful water filter featuring a sturdy build and rich vapors that portable users adore. Volcano, power cord, four simple balloons, Three mouthpieces, 1 adapter, and 1 silicone whip are all included in the box, the user’s guide, and a wear and tear kit containing screens, cleaning brush, and drip pad as well as a herb grinder. Get everything you need to get started right away offered by Storz Bickel.


Even though the Volcano Vaporizer is so simple to operate, we strongly advise reading the full user guide at least once. The Volcano hybrid Wasserfilter has a tonne of little-noticed features that can enhance your overall enjoyment of the vehicle. You can even turn that on and heat it remotely using the app’s functionality and play around in various settings. The vapor quality would be even better, thanks to this.